Referentiality: Staff


The Referentiality Project is conducted jointly by 13 linguists from five countries. All of them have documented a language in the DoBeS program or are yet engaged in such a documentation. They are contributing with their corpora and engaged in two steering committees, one on typology and one on standardization.

nameaffiliationcorpus managercommittees
Dr. Swintha DanielsenUniversität LeipzigBaure
Prof. Dr. Lucía Golluscio Universidad de Buenos AiresMapudungun
Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig Universität BambergGorani
Iren Hartmann M.A. Max-Planck-Institut für Evolutionäre Anthropologie, LeipzigHoocąkRP committee
Prof. Dr. Johannes Helmbrecht Universität RegensburgRP committee
Dr. Dagmar Jung Universität zu KölnBeaverRP committee
Prof. Dr. Christian Lehmann Universität Erfurtproject director;
RP committee
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Mosel Universität KielTeop
Dr. Verónica Nercesian Conicet, Buenos AiresWichi
Prof. David Rood University of ColoradoWichita
Dr. Stefan Schnell Research Centre for Linguistic Typology, MelbourneVera'a
Dr. Claudia Wegener Universität BielefeldSavosavoRP committee
Taras Zakharko M.A. Universität ZürichChintang

Upcoming events

Meeting of the RP committee -
October 11th / 12th


A new project (Wichi) has joined the RP(corpora)

Articles added
"Type shifts and noun classes under determination in Teop"
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A new project (Mapudungun) has joined the project (corpora)

Articles added
"1st and 2nd mention of referents Jan 2013"
and "Typology of ZERO"
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