Welcome to the Department of Religious Studies in Erfurt!

Since Fall Semester 2008, Religious Studies in Erfurt has been offering a two-year-long M.A. course in English language. Shaped by the internationality of our approach and by the interdisciplinary cooperation with other departments as well as with other major institutions for the research of religion in the near surrounding, Religious Studies in Erfurt offers a unique opportunity for current and prospective M.A. students from all over the world to pursue their study and research of religion in an innovative and dynamic academic atmosphere.

Like other cultural systems and patterns of interpretation, religion is not a substance in and of itself; it is contextual and permanently shaped in specific discursive fields. Therefore, Religious Studies in Erfurt constantly seeks to shed light on the development of images of religious communities, to soften the monolithic definitions and delimitations and to open up new perspectives in Religious Studies. Our students are enabled to use a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches to religion while at the same time focusing on one of the subdisciplines of Religious Studies in Erfurt (Judaism, Islamic Studies, Cultural History of Latin and Orthodox Christianity, and European Polytheisms).

Further qualifications may be obtained through possible Ph.D. projects in various major fields of study.