Cost of Living

Living costs are currently estimated by the authorities to be about Euro 585 per month. You have to be able to prove to the relevant authorities that this amount of money per month is available for your stay in Germany. Please take the following costs into consideration:

• Rent for a room in a student residence hall or for private accommodation (from Euro 100 to Euro 230)

• Deposit for a room in a residence hall (Euro 200), which is returned after the lease has expired

• Semester contribution (approx. Euro 188* per semester) including the semester ticket, with which you can travel free of charge on all local public transport in and around Erfurt

• Health insurance contributions (approximately Euro 60 per month for students under 30 years old)

• Costs for books and learning materials

• Living costs

Keep in mind that you will need a big sum of money at the beginning of your stay (room deposit, semester contribution, health insurance, phone card, shopping).

Before you leave for Erfurt, inform your bank that you will attend a study programme abroad, and find out if there is a daily or weekly limit for withdrawals. Bring enough cash and/or traveller cheques.

*subject to change