The residence halls are administrated by the University's Studentenwerk (Student Services Organisation). Rents are priced according to the size and quality of the room and according to the number of occupants. The same rental and residential conditions apply to all the rooms in the various residence halls. The monthly rent payment includes service costs (heating, water, electricity and Internet). A deposit of EUR 200 must be paid upon moving into a residence hall.

Students generally have their own bedroom but share a kitchen and bathroom with others. A limited number of single rooms (with a private kitchen and bath) is also available. If you require a single room, please do not forget to specify this request on your application form. However, very few of these are available, and it would be wise in this case to seek private accommodations.

Please send the "Application Form for the Student Halls of Residence" directly to the postal address of the Studentenwerk specified below. We are not responsible for the rooms in the University's dormitories. Please note that scanned forms sent via e-mail are not accepted by the Studentenwerk at this time.

Studentenwerk Thüringen
University of Erfurt
P.O. Box 80 02 43
Erfurt Germany