[Ausschreibungsdienst_Kai_Brodersen] Leiden/Amsterdam/Utrecht: "Anchoring" (5 x PhD, 2 x Postdoc)

Kai Brodersen kai.brodersen at uni-erfurt.de
Mon Sep 17 12:02:58 CEST 2018

7 New Anchoring positions are now open for application (5 PhDs, 2 postdocs), see https://www.ru.nl/oikos/anchoring-innovation/anchoring-jobs/. All vacancies are part of the Anchoring Innovation programme, the classics research programme run at several Dutch universities:

	Work Package B - Theory and Methods (alternatively, proposals fitting work packages 1, 2, or 3 will also be considered)
Anchoring: new ideas
PhD project, Leiden University
	Work Package 1 - Discourse and Rhetoric
Linguistic Anchoring in Latin Epistolography 
Postdoc project, University of Amsterdam
	Work Package 2 - Literature and Art
The function and impact of Greek original statues in the city of Rome 
PhD project, Leiden University
Myth as an anchoring device in Greek literature 
PhD project, University of Amsterdam
	Work Package 3 - Religion and Philosophy
Anchoring in Hellenistic Philosophy 
Postdoc project, Utrecht University
	Work Package 4 - Politics, Economy, Law, the Military
Anchoring the agora in archaic and classical Greek poleis (c. 800-300 BCE) 
PhD project, Utrecht University
	Work Package 6 - Reception of Antiquity
From Gilgamesh to Gladiator: Anchoring Innovation in the Epic Tradition 
PhD, VU University Amsterdam
The deadline for application is 31 October. More information on the procedure for application, requirements etc. can be found in the files describing the positions. ((Go to the website referred to above for details))

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